Why Do I Do What I Do

Why do I do it? Why do I share natural health options with Essential oils?  Simply because the MORE I learn about the the more I realise I I DON’T KNOW! Motivation. It all comes to us at different times and with different outcomes in mind. Mine was with the birth of my first born son, who I am not going to lie, was sooooo much more difficult as a newborn than the other two that followed.

I understand that I was a sleep deprived crazy new mum who was ‘researching” constantly on how to actually ‘be’ a mum instead of allowing my natural instincts as a mother, carer, protector, nurturer to come through. My natural health journey started slowly, making one change at a time as I believed that God provided all for us at time of Creation.

I certainly hope that through my journey (even life before including Essential Oils in my home) I can share with those who may be experiencing the same questions and wonderings as I had. And that’s why I do what I do….

Gen 1:1 ” In the beginning God Created the Heavens and the Earth”