Simple Winter Wellness with dynamic duo

Winter is coming and I am prepared.

I know… its May… and I am already writing about Winter but depending on where you live in Australia some places already have snow!

You see I live on the Sunshine Coast and while we have stunning sunshine filled days there is often a cold chilly wind that comes from the Ocean. This is what often causes irritations and brings with it the all the little germies

Never fear I have my oils and will share with you my top 2 I simply cannot live without in order to best prepare my body and environment as well as support any concerns that may pop up along the way

Meet On Guard Protective blend and Easy Air Respiratory Blend… together they are the powerhouse!

On Guard proactive blend is one of doTERRA’s best selling brands as it can be used in so many different ways to promote and support healthy immune functions. It’s a beautiful blend of Wild Orange, Clove, Cinnamon, Rosemary and Eucalyptus.

I will use On Guard in my home the following ways

  • I will be diffusing it every night with Lavender and Cedarwood in my children’s bedroom at night time to provide very gentle aromatic support
  • I will be making my own hand sanitiser with it and tea tree to spray on their hands before we eat, after they visit the toilet, or touch something when we are out and about or when they have just coughed into their hands… yuk!
  • I will be making up my own bench and house spray with cleaning vinegar
  • To sooth sore and scratchy throats I have a DIY cough syrup I make up in which I add On Guard, Lemon, Frankincense, Tea Tree and Wild Orange too. I add Oregano when it need of an extra immune boost.
  • I also use it as our daily mouth rinse

Other ways you could use it is by adding it to your washing machine during the rinse cycle or to your floor washing bucket or even you could make your own body wash!

Easy Air Respiratory blend is a remarkable blend of essential oils Laurel Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Tea Tree, Lemon, Cardamon, Ravintsara. I will use Easy Air throughout Winter to feel clear and calm when breathing and is ideal to be applied before a restful night’s sleep

I will use it Easy Air in my home in the following way

  • I will make a home- made vapour rub to apply on the chest and feet as needed which is slightly more nourishing than just the essential oil and carrier oil (which I use as well if needed)
  • I will add it to the diffuser during the as needed especially during the cool mornings and afternoons. Adding a few drops to my boys pillows or favorite teddy’s are a sneaky way too to provide aromatic support
  • I add it to the bottom of the shower to open up the airways during times of congestion
  • I add it to my palms and take 5-10 big deep breaths in and out to both invigorate the senses and wake up the mind. This is especially good if you are starting to feel under the weather/ groggy

Other ways you could use it is to apply it with a carrier oil before working out or going for a walk on a cold morning as well as using it while travelling on a plane, bus or train. While in these spaces you can free yourself mentally and emotionally by using Easy Air.