on the road with oils

Out and About with Kids and Oils

I have been meaning to share this with you for some time. Just another school holiday adventure with a twist…. And boy was I pleased to have my oils!

We were on the way to the Coast for a combined playdate and oils session in a local park in Marcoola but I took a alternative route… one with loads more bends and curves and … well before too long my son started telling me he wasn’t feeling well.

He really didn’t take to the corners and he got a serious case of car sickness bringing up his pancakes he had for breakfast…. YUK!!!

So I pulled over and dealt with it before continuing to our appointment and luckily I had a few things in my handbag.

I used my On Guard Hand Sanitiser to sprayed on the car door which dealt with all the germs as well as providing a refreshing aroma.

I applied DigestZen Internal blend (which has been diluted with a carrier oil) to his stomach to help settle his uneasy feeling.

I also popped a drop or two of Citrus Bliss invigorating blend full of citrus oils onto a tissue and a flower we keep in the airconditioning vent to smell as we continued on to our day.

And the rest of the soiled towels and clothes were just thrown into a nearby bin.

You see life always throws us curve balls! Emotionally. Physically. Another job added to the to-do list… and then there is the needs and stress that comes with having children (And the bliss and blessing off course) but you need to have your tools up your sleeve ready to go so that you can keep going. And for me that is my oils! They are a part of our life in every way! They provide support and are a benefit to most situations.