Grades Matter

There are so many variations in qualities and places in which you can get your Essential Oils.

Pure Essential Oil, 100% pure Essential Oil and Certified Pure Therapeutic Grade (CPTG) are all different in many way. You can get them from any cheap retail outlet starting from $2 a piece to slightly more expensive at the chemist.

Many sadly contain additional synthetic properties that are NOT listed on the bottle and even are only 50% Essential Oil (they have already been diluted BUT WITH WHAT???) But when I want to use them to service and support EVERYBODY in my home and REPLACE many store bought products (yes ones that we ingest too) I only want to use the BEST IN THE WORLD and that is why I chose doTERRA. Meaning gifts of the earth, that is truly what they are! I know that doTERRA have a strong and ethical co-impact sourcing model, have strict, planting and harvesting processes and many measures to ensure QUALITY and PURITY.  They can be used in 3 ways: AROMATICALLY (breathing in), TOPICALLY (on the skin often with a carrier oil) and INTERNALLY (into the body systems/ cooking). And it is important to say that only safe  to use Essential Oils internally that have the supplement label on it.

I am offered mentoring and support all the way with my oils and know I am only scratching the surface of how they can be used in my home to lower toxic and chemical exposure and boost natural health and wellbeing. Choosing doTERRA means I can walk confidently in the knowledge that NO OTHER Essential oils have the CPTG grading and that matters to me 😉